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What is?

This is a python module to read and write kdf file as produced by khoros tools (

What is a kdf file?

Basically you can assume it is a multidimensional (five fixed dimensions) file format; it is composed by an header plus an data section; the data can be in any type (char, unsigned char, int, long, float double complex and so on).

How to compile it?

simply enter the main directory and run:
python build
then move by hand the generated file inside build/lib-XXXXX/ where your PYTHONPATH points to.

How to use it?

Simply in a python program:
import kdfio"myfile.kdf")
.. some operation ..
The a object will contain the data in a Numerical object, so you're able to do what's possible to do with Numerical python. '

Courrent stage

With the major rewrite of the code (1.1.1) there is support for all the khoros datatype (just the KBIT is missing), and for automatic casting when a numeric python type is not available (unsigned short, unsigned int and al.) Don't expect this will be ready for prime time